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Amazing Fishing Hacks That Will Truly Help You Catch Extra Fish!

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1. Extend the lifetime of your minnows by adding a cup of peroxide to your bait bucket.

It will increase the atomic number 8 within the water and keeps your bait spirited.

2. Use a 2-liter plastic pop bottle to lure minnows for bait.

3. Use colored masking paper to simply differentiate your rods.

Bassmaster Davy Hite says he differentiates his rods “by wrapping a band of colored tape around the butt of every rod: inexperienced for medium action, blue for medium-heavy and red for serious.”

4. Use safety pins to prepare your swivels.

5. Further as your fish hooks.

6. Safety pins area unit simply all-around handy things to own.

7. A cut-off piece of pool noodle can safely store your snell hooks.

8. The Line Cutterz ring maybe a piece of knickknack that may cut your cord on the fly.

9. Pool noodle + hamper makes for an immediate floating fish basket.

10. PVC pipe during a 5-gallon bucket makes an excellent DIY fishing pole carrier.

If you have spare wine corks lying around, they create nice floats/bobbers.

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11. If you have spare wine corks lying around, they create nice floats/bobbers.

12. you’ll be able to additionally use wine corks to stay yourself from obtaining injured by your hooks once excavation round the tackle box.

13. A wine cork additionally makes for a mini fishing survival kit for campers if you ever end up in would like of associate emergency food supply.

14. Your specs can fall within the water at some purpose, thus attach some wine corks to a specs lanyard and VOILA — floating sunglasses!

Drill a hole through your wine corks sufficiently big for your lanyard to suit through.

15. Speaking of alcohol, bottle caps screwed to a chunk of scrap wood are the simplest fish pulse counter you have ever closely-held.

16. Any reasonably mints packaging (such as associate Altoids tin or vellication Tac box) can hold your sinkers for an additional organized tackle box.

17. Here’s a bait formula victimization hot dogs because the base that may drive catfish crazy.

18. Rubbing your hands with salt then dish soap can take away the queer smell from your hands.

19. Safely tie a cord to your hook while not skewering your fingers employing a contrivance known as the Hook-eze.

20. This handy chart can assist you to confirm the simplest cord color for numerous fishing things.

21. The “double uni” knot is that the best thanks to tying 2 fishing lines along.

22. you will positively wish to be told the Palomar knot further, additionally called the strongest fishing knot.

Pro fishers swear by this knot for each its strength and its simple fastening even in windy or rainy conditions.

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23. Here area unit additional essential knots to be told.

24. Use a diamond nail file to sharpen fish hooks and find additional hook-ups.

Here is the Video

25. Use “tubular gauze” to stay your liver on the hook once making an attempt to catch catfish.

26. Keep those very little colloid packets and place them in your tackle box to stay hooks from oxidization.

27. Keep a rag hooked into your belt loop with a snap ring.

28. This chart may be a handy orientate that rod to use in numerous things.

29. Use the native insects/life as bait.

You don’t wish to accidentally introduce foreign bodies into the water, and it will work as a higher and additional convincing bait further.

30. Add some tasty scent to your lures by dunking them in cod liver oil.

31. Use latex gloves to use cream thus you do not accidentally get any on your baits.

32. Forever pee before you set on your waders.

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